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“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.” —Madeleine L’Engle

Completed and Edited - Middle Grade Fantasy
Evie and the Boy from the Sea​


When 11-year-old Evie climbs a hollow driftwood tree, she finds a merboy named Miko trapped inside and tumbles into his oceanic world. But Miko’s in trouble for the crime of befriending a human boy and must face the seven deadly challenges or lose his life. With the help of a vegetarian tiger, a militant turkey, and a feisty pirate girl, Evie must harness all her misfit skills to help Miko survive his quest or lose her new friend forever.

This is a 59,000-word MG fantasy melding the atmosphere of The Stormkeeper’s Island series with the quirkiness of Malamander and the suspenseful twists of an oceanic Labyrinth.

Completed and Edited - Middle Grade Fantasy
Jaren Silverwing and the Darkest Spell


13-year-old Unseelie fairy Jaren is a wily survivor, making his coin as a street performer in rough-and-tumble Seelie City. But when the Royal Guards catch wind of his political performance, he has to disappear into the shadows. On the run, he discovers a cruel enchantment the Seelies used to imprison the souls of his people.


When Jaren meets four young refugee fairies on a mission to rescue their queen from the King's prisons, Jaren decides to do one last bold performance to get himself arrested, try to find the refugee queen, and free the souls of his people.

This 52,000 word high-stakes fantasy takes a new view of the Seelie vs. Unseelie dynamic. It will appeal to fans of J.A. White, Jonathan Auxier, and Rick Riordan.

Image by Ben Klea
Completed First Draft - Young Adult Fantasy
Guardians of Earth and Sky​

In a world flooded by rising oceans, young Saiya dug herself out of a sandy grave with an egg, a sword, and no memories. She lives peacefully on her island until the day a beautiful pirate queen comes ashore in the custody of mercenaries with deadly intent.

Across the sea, fiery Aeralen – a winged Aviyon – was ripped away from her twin brother and sold as a child slave to the spoiled Immortal Prince. Now sixteen, she plots escape - and revenge.


Saiya and Aeralen’s destinies collide as they search for the truth about their pasts, uncover powerful magics, and fight the cruel designs of a ruthless Prince in this duel POV fantasy.

vintage black steam powered railway trai

Work-in-Progress - Middle Grade Fantasy

The Oracle Line​


In the midst of the Great Depression, 12-year-old Muse is kicked out of his home and has to learn how to be a train-hoppin' hobo to find work - though music is his real passion. But when his beloved uncle, the great folk singer Prometheus Joe, incurs the wrath of the Greek god Zeus, Muse must decide between obeying the will of the gods or jumping on the mystical Oracle Line on a quest to rescue his uncle.

 warrior or man standing on fantasy hill

Work-in-Progress - Young Adult Fantasy

The Wyst Chronicles

17-year-old Sera has survived kicks and punches and sinks full of dirty dishes in dead-end Barterton. But her luck changes when she finds a tiny, half-dead Wyst – a young man barely six inches tall and filled with deadly magic. She sets off to sell him, buy her freedom papers, and find the man who promised her the world.

But the Wyst, 18-year-old Azaru – an enslaved King’s assassin – intends to escape from Sera, free a friend from bondage, and leave his tormented, brutal past behind.

Facing cutthroat enemies and harsh terrain, a grudging friendship forms despite their mutual fear and prejudice as they uncover a decades-old betrayal and the true origins of the Wysts. When Azaru’s life is threatened and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, Sera must decide where her loyalties lie.